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Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

As a result of a 10-year long spiraling, deep depression, Katie experienced an Eckhart Tolle type of "break", where she awoke one day with absolutely no sense of who or what she was -- "there was no me" she says. Her anger, depression, and all of her troubling thoughts were gone, and in their place was pure delight and joy. Katie's new way of being attracted others seeking relief and clarity to her, and so through an organic process she developed "The Work". The Work is a series of simple, yet profound and revealing, questions regarding any situation or thought that causes stress or discomfort and then does "turnarounds". Based on the premise that our external world mirrors back to us our internal world, we learn how our responses to others are really about ourselves. I've found The Work to be truly transformational and highly recommend this book to anyone interested in un-peeling their layers of discontent. The Work also has website with free material and an APP to support you in the process.


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