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Welcome, I am happy you're here!

My #DesignYourLife Masterclass guides you to rise to the highest version of yourself, helping you live from a place of personal truth and power.

In this 6-week online Masterclass you create clarity, deepen self-awareness and self-compassion — ultimately uncovering more love, peace, meaning, purpose and connection in your life. 

Let's get started!






Are you looking for more loveconnection and joy in your life?

Are you longing for deeper meaning and a sense of purpose?

Do you feel like you’re rushing through life,

not really giving things the time and attention you’d like?

Would you like to be more present as a parent, partner,

friend, colleague, boss?

If you're like many who visit this site, your answer is yes.

From the outside, things probably look pretty good in your life.


Yet, you know there is more for you -- you know that you're not expressing your full potential.


Maybe you're feeling unfulfilled, unfocused or like you're going through the motions, trying to make it through the day. 

You may have an undercurrent of anxiety, of feeling overwhelmed or even disconnected from those around you.


Maybe you've tried talking to a friend, therapy or medication. You've probably read your fair share of books. 


Yet, you haven't made the progress you'd like.


You're feeling stuck and uncertain.

I feel you.


I've been there, and I not only found my way out, I came out stronger, clearer, lighter, more fulfilled and aligned on the other side.

It took me 3.5 years, almost 4,000 hours, several intensive classes, tons of articles, books, podcasts, therapy and other resources.

Now, I'm helping people like you gain the clarity, focus, and inner peace to confidently move forward in their lives in an aligned, powerful way.

Weight Loss.JPG

I've helped people like you:

  • feel more connected

  • feel less stressed

  • feel centered

  • be more patient

  • be more present in their relationships

  • develop deeper self-compassion

  • make better choices throughout the day

  • gain a new perspective on their lives

  • create a clear vision of where they want to be

  • uncover purpose and meaning


My #DesignYourLife Masterclass gets to the heart of what is holding you back and helps you become a better version of yourself through 6 easy online modules, weekly homework, daily emails + 2 private coaching calls.


The 6 Weekly Modules:
⚡️ Create Clarity + Conditions for Success
⚡️ Choose Your Beliefs, Thoughts + Words
⚡️ Honor Your Body
⚡️ Embrace Your Emotions
⚡️ Create Your Circle of Support
⚡️ Instill Actions + Uncover Purpose + Celebrate Progress


The material is all backed by research and science in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, positive psychology, social science and quantum science and is delivered in a way that relates directly to you and your life. 


With an undergrad degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Epidemiology (public health research) and a lot of intensive personal and professional development coursework, I have developed a comprehensive Masterclass that is:

Backed by Science
✅ Easily Accessible
✅ Has Personalized Support

Who Is This For?​

  • People who want to have deeper connections with their loved ones

  • People who want to feel calmer and more peaceful throughout each day

  • People who feel pulled to do something more or differently than currently, and need help getting started

  • People who want to make an investment in themselves to learn new tools for ongoing and sustainable growth

Why Should I Join?

  • To create clarity (so I am consciously striving towards my vision)

  • To deepen self-awareness (so I continuously improve my relationships and deepen my connections)

  • To deepen self-compassion (so I have the willingness and courage to do hard things required for growth)

  • To feel good (when I feel good, so do those around me)

  • To give rise to the highest version of myself (so I am showing up for all parts of my life in an authentic, meaningful, impactful way)

  • To make my contribution to the world (the world needs me!)

If this sounds like YOU,

*Next Masterclass begins August 19, 2019




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