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If you've run into me over the last few years or listened to my podcast, you know that I LOVE 💗 Barry's big time.  


Barry's saved my life. I feel like I can't live without it!!

Use this link to sign up for your *first* class at a Miami location (Aventura, Midtown, Miami Beach) for FREE. You can thank me later💦! And let me know when you're going, I will see if I can meet you there!  

Learn more before you go on the Barry's site. 


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Michelle Borrayo is a multi-talented artist specializing in photography, content creation and graphic design. Michelle is behind the beautiful shots of our live pod recordings. Receive a 20% discount when you book Michelle with code: TheJoyfulHour.

See more of Michelle's work here.



While Tania Luisa Lester's background is in western Medicine, she discovered Theta Healing through her own medical crisis, having experienced a close encounter with her own mortality when her son was just 2 years oldShe healed herself completely from Multiple Sclerosis and is medication free. Theta Healing works at an energetic level, guided by spirituality and accesses the brain in the Theta Brain Wave. In a session with Tania, she removes energetic blockages and beliefs that are keeping you in a state of dis-ease. Book your first healing session with Tania using THEJOYFULHOUR code to receive 10% discount. Book your session and learn more about Tania and her work here.


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