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I am on a mission to help love ❤️ the world back to health.

I am here to help you see your gifts, your beauty and the incredible power of who you are.


With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master's degree in Epidemiology (public health research), over a decade in charitable work and thousands of hours of intensive personal and professional development work, I created the #DesignYourLife MasterclassProfessional Development Workshops and The Joyful Hour Podcast, all aimed at helping others heal, uncover their purpose and live their authentic self-expression.


I develop all of my content based on research and science in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, positive psychology, social and quantum sciences.

Thank you for being here. I want to share with you a profound truth: Our natural state is joy. ✨


Research on our emotions and our brains has shown that joy is our natural state. ✨JOY✨is the underlying, or default, state we return to anytime we are *truly in the present moment, without resisting what is*.  


Being joyful, virtually all the time, is not only possible -- it is how we have been designed!!!


However, as many of us know, this is not our lived realities.


Why not?? What is getting in the way? How can we get to our inner bliss?? And how do we KEEP ourselves in it?


Join me in my #DesignYourLife Masterclass, a Professional Development Workshops and The Joyful Hour Podcast as I navigate the many reasons why our joy eludes us, and explore ways we can bring ourselves back to it, again and again. 


I’m excited and grateful to embark on this journey with you!!!  💗

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