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Professional Development Workshops

Being the smartest and working the hardest is no longer enough to be at the top of your industry.

You need creativity, innovation and effective teamwork


We offer science backed workshops that help you maximize performancecreativity, productivity, motivation and trust in the workplace. 

234707 Engineering Mentor Training Works

Slow Down to Speed Up: Maximize Your Potential

  • How to use Neuroscience to Maximize Your Best Thinking

  • Get into Your Optimal Arousal Zone to Perform Your Best

  • Quick + Easy Tools to Use Stress to Your Advantage + Promote Well-Being

234707 Engineering Mentor Training Works

Women in Leadership: Empowering Women to Excel

  • Biological Differences that Impact Women's Leadership + Work Styles

  • Building on the Innate Abilities Women Bring to the Table

  • The Female Element + the Most Effective Teams

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A Look Within: Individuals are the Essential Elements of each Team

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence to Improve Your Productivity + Effectiveness

  • Learn to Respond, rather than React

  • Build Trust + Engagement through Better Communication

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