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How Could I Possibly Love You? 💗

I spend a lot of time these days telling people I love them. I write it in my emails, I say it to my friends when I see them, I write it on social media.  How could I possibly love you, especially if I don’t even know you? And how could I be genuine in my statement if I’m handing it out so freely? Isn’t love supposed to be reserved for those closest to us?

Well, I do love you and it is a completely genuine, totally honest, statement. 

(Love does not necessarily mean that I also like, enjoy or want to spend time with you.😜)

Back in July 2016, when I was still very early in my process of my personal transformation, I was walking in the Wynwood Art District in Miami and ran across this grafitti quote by @michelle_scriptures and it resonated. 

Oprah calls this kind of resonance an “A-HA” moment — that feeling you get when you hear something and and feel like — yes, I remember that, I know that to be true. Not so much from the thinking brain but from a deeper part of ourselves.  

An A-HA moment is a remembering, a remembering of what we always knew.

So I have begun to remember that I love you. I love you because we are all reflections of each other. I love you because to be together on earth at this particular moment in time is incredibly special. I love you because we are here to love each other, to learn from each other and to help each other grow.  I love you because, in the end love will be what saves us all.


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