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A Pair of Thighs 🤩

Anytime I have a full body picture taken, I immediately look at my thighs and think “I look fat”. 

Like every single time, every single picture. I’m not sure if I actually think I look fat anymore or if it’s just this deeply conditioned automatic response to seeing my full body self.

Of course, the objective reality is that I am not fat. I am at a healthy weight for my height and body type, and I’m in great shape. 

But those facts haven’t changed my automatic response to EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. 

Knowing that our brains our malleable, that neuroplasticity is a *real* thing, and that we can actually rewire our brains for new thoughts, feelings and behaviors, I’ve started re-training myself to create a new behavior, a new response. 

When I look at a picture, I try to catch myself before I have *the fat thought*, and zoom out to see myself as a whole. I focus on the moment in time that was captured and the feeling I had in that moment, who I was with, what we were doing. I step back a little and see myself as a whole, rather than as a pair of thighs, ha 😂!  Progress!!!  Progress IS made in these small incremental steps. 

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Yesterday we recorded an episode with @JungleJohanna, who is truly amazing BTW.  Can’t wait to share it with you!!  @mabohxo is a talented photog who captured some beautiful shots too 📸. 


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