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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back⚡️

It cracks me up how we can have this idea that progress is a direct upward linear process.

Like once we have an idea or inspiration, we’re just going to make it happen exactly how we think it should happen, right from the outset. The truth is that everything is a process. A circuitous, back and forth, up and down process. 

It’s easy to give up when you hit the roadblocks, frustration or setbacks. In fact it may feel like the only option. The good news is once you know every process will entail some sort of obstacle, you can be prepared with alternatives to giving up!  

You can: ask for help, get insight from others, sleep on it, take a break or step back and find another approach.

What roadblocks are you running into in your own life? Would you like to experience more flow, ease, success, calm and confidence? Are you looking for more meaning, purpose and joy?  


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